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Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research

The task force on medical cannabis therapeutic research was created to conduct an impact assessment of medical cannabis therapeutic research.
ML 2014, Ch 311, Sec 16

Medical Cannabis Program

For more information about the medical cannabis program, please visit the Minnesota Department of Health's medical cannabis website at

Task Force Implementation Report

The Task Force on Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research is in the process of preparing an implementation report to submit to the Legislature in 2015. The Task Force intends for the development of this report to be done in a transparent and public manner. The report can be accessed at

Medical Cannabis Task Force Report

Members of the Task Force are able to comment and make suggestions to the report. Those comments and suggestions will appear on the side of the report.

Members of the public can provide comments on the report, or on the comments and suggestions to the report, by emailing them to: Because this is a public process, the names of those who email comments will be included in the report. The Department of Health, which is drafting the report for the Task Force, will be considering comments and suggestions from both Task Force members and the public. Ultimately, the report will be considered and adopted by the Task Force at a meeting planned in January.

The deadline for comments is January 7, 2015.

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